Wednesday, 27 May 2009

A Blog with no Theme

This is a blog with no theme! It is strictly for me to rant, rave, sing or dance. It will be about anything and everything. I will mix it up!
So lets start with me. (Ha ha, it always starts with me!) A few people are already following my other blogs, and I love them for it, but I haven't talked about myself much or why I am suddenly here blogging.

After years in the workforce slaving away, I have become a victim of the recession! Or so I am told. I think the ex-boss saw the recession happening and decided to get rid of the highest paid workers and keep the more lowly paid group as that is exactly what he did. When I started with the company there was only 3 people, one of them being me. I helped him to build that up to 21 employees. Then a little tiny recession looms and "BANG"! Away you go now! No loyalty whatsoever! Ceesh!

So... I have to start again. I have already been in the work force for 30 years. So what will I be when I grow up? Not sure but I will keep you posted. I am thinking of retraining. I want something I can work with on my own, preferably from home.(Go figure! I don't trust bosses anymore?) So I am looking for now. All the jobs I have had in the past have been very physical. I really am a Tomboy. I have been a Horticulturist, A Paramedic and a Confined Space Rescue Technician as well as an Instructor in various things for 22 years. So I have destroyed my body. My backaches. my joints ache, I have a close relationship to Authur Itis. So I do think I will look for something a bit more sedate. Like working on my computer, on my time, when and if I choose. I don't ask for much! HA HA! Like that is going to happen! I am though turning my thoughts toward working at home. Just not entirely sure yet as what. And for those of you with dirty minds I am far to old for that and street corners are far too expensive these days!

Does any one else find it strange that a recession came into being right close to the time that all the baby boomers are retiring? Conspiracy? I think so!!!!!


Delwyn said...

Hi Lorac

I can't get your comments box to open on your cottage blog on any of the posts.
Is there a problem there...I want to tell you how envious I am of your cottage....It looks so idyllic (save for the flies and mozzies)
How far do you travel from home to the lake?
and why does the lake sound like a Japanese name?

Happy Days

Lorac said...

Hi Delwyn! Thanks for dropping by! I will check into the comments box right away. It is a 3 hour drive to the lake. I have done it for so long it doesn't seem long. You are right, the name does sound Japanese! It is actually native and translates to Hollow Lake Or Bottomless. When pronounced it sounds " Kaw wog ama"