Friday, 29 May 2009

Northern Ontario

This was taken on one of my many journeys into Northern Ontario. This is a view of Lake Superior on a cold November Day. This stirs my soul. This gives me shivers down my spine and not from the fact that it was freezing but from the sheer beauty! I love the north. Any where up north! I do not like the cities, although, at the present time I do live in a small town in central Ontario (out of necessity). I have a cottage to go to. I can get into the car and forests and lakes and rivers are never far away. I am extremely fortunate for this and although I can't live as far north as I would like I can at least visit. Someday I would like to retire up north, but, realistically will probably die before I get that opportunity.( No spring chicken) Unfortunately I am not independently rich or even well off so I have to work, and that requires being near a town or a city. I do though, live outside of town and have a big yard that is well treed with a great view. But I am greedy! I want that view! The one in the picture! Ahh.. One can dream!


Barry said...

I share your dream. And your love of the North.

There is something very special about Lake Superior and your photo captures its beauty and mystery very well.

Lorac said...

A kindred spirit then! Thank you!