Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Ahhh ... chooo!

I just sneezed three times! Normally I would only sneeze two times. (Yes I do keep track.) No one is here so I say "bless you" to myself. Which made me think. Where did this come from? The blessing after a sneeze. Does everybody do it? So I decided to look this up and I have to say most of us need to get a life! There are pages and pages out there on sneezing habits. Different countries have different sayings but some sayings pop up in a lot of countries. The most commonly used statement in many countries is "bless you" followed by a close second is "gesundheit".

Firstly, the "Bless you" or "God Bless You" saying that I hear in Canada, is also said in the UK, Australia and U.S.A. All of these seem to be based on the ancient belief that when you sneeze your soul may escape and saying bless you keeps you soul in or that your heart stops when you sneeze so again to keep your soul in place they say bless you. But I also read that some believe that a devil dwells in us all .When this devil is irritated sneezing happens, so saying "Bless you" prevents it from worsening. Also, in the days of the great plagues, it was well know that the plague started with a cold, so saying bless you was hoping it was nothing worse and god bless you if it is!
Many countries say something to the effect of "Health" or "Good Health". Holland says "gezonhied", health. The sneezer replies bedankt, thank you. In Argentina it is "Salud", health. Yugoslavians respond to a sneeze with "Na zdravlje!" which means "for your health".
Germany - "Geshundheit", health
Lithuania - "Sveikata", to your health
Poland - "Na zddrowie", health.
Other countries, such as Iran, "Afiyat bashe"say I wish you good health or"Elahi shokr" thank God for health.
In France they say "Tes souhaits", to your dreams (to come true) or "Tes amours", to your loves!
I think I will adopt this one! It sounds cooler! "Achoo!" "Tes souhaits! May your dreams come true!".

Does any one know of any more sayings and most importantly:How many times in a row do you sneeze?
I would love to hear from you, leave a comment and let me know.


menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

I hate sneezing, especially now that I am getting older and not quite so tight if you get my drift - I should have a nappy fitted! I can normally sneeze a couple of times but then I get moments when it's at least 10. They make me swear!

Lorac said...

Hi MPOB! Ten in a row would make me swear too!

Jenn Jilks said...

I remember my daughter sneezing when she was young. She would say, "Bless you, me!"

Lorac said...

Jen thats cute! Kids come up with such sweet things. My older son used to say Exsneeze you!

Ann said...

You can add Ireland in there too for the "God Bless You".

Anonymous said...

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