Sunday, 19 July 2009


Have you ever wondered why? Why are leaves green? Why do cats purr? Why aren't we happy?

Why is the most singularly asked question that our world has revolved around. When you have a question where do you go to find the answer? I use the internet most of the time, books second and asking lastly. I go onto the net to find out everything from medical advice to how to clean something. It is not a wonder is it nicknamed "The Information Highway".I have marveled at the information found on the net. One day I just started typing in weird words to see what would come up from search and as usual learned a lot of new things. The net these days is akin to a school. A school is where you learn and now most of my information, what I learn by, is from the net. I love to read and cuddle up with a good book but when I want info in a hurry it seems to be the net I go to. It is expeditious. It is certainly interesting and it is like having every book on the subject at your finger tips!

When you have questions, where do you go for the answers?