Saturday, 27 February 2010

Canadian Women Hockey Team - Champagne and Cigars!

I was upset when I heard the story on the news concerning our Canadian Women Hockey Team that after a much awaited for victory and years of hard work, the ladies decided to have a little party on the ice. Two hours after the women's hockey team won 2-0 over the American team in the final, the medalists went back on the ice. They had waited until all the fans had cleared the building and being in a state of joyousness gravitated out to the arena where they had had their glorious win. To be connected to the ice where it all began and ended. Only to be ratted out by an American journalist who had just seen his team trounced.    
Brit photographer Alex Livesey thought it his duty to take pictures and ensure they got into the hands of the media. Sour grapes? Furthering ones career on the misery of others. Oops! I forgot, that's what the media do!

The Canadian women had just become the first team in history to capture gold at three consecutive Olympics. I agree that they probably erred in going back to the ice, not because of any moral issue but because there area always people willing to see the bad side of everything.

Are we not creating a double edged sword when we allow Jon Montgomery to swill most of a pitcher of beer on camera after winning the men's skeleton and for some reason, no one complained then. Is it then because the team in question are women?

The ladies have apologized That should be the end of it!
 “In the excitement of the moment, the celebration left the confines of our dressing room and shouldn’t,” they said in a statement. “The team regrets that its gold-medal celebrations may have caused the IOC or COC any embarrassment.”

Wednesday, 17 February 2010


What do we live for?
Why do we strive?
Will human endeavor,
Save one more live?

A thought I had many years ago and just came across again in some old "packed away in the closet stuff". So here goes! What do we live for? As in what makes you tick? What do you value?  What are your values? Have you taken a hard close look lately at them? I have had a lot of time, recently to do just that. I find that face values and true values are quite different in many (probably most) individuals. There is a face we like to show to the world. A face we know we shouldn't!

In Canada one such face we like to show is "I AM TOLERANT'. Tolerant of others, of the beliefs, religions and traditions of other countries and races. We are tolerant, to a degree. It's this degree that is disagreed on. Of all the people I know this is the bone of contention. This idea that Canadians are accepting of all! Our government shows this face to the world. Give me  your tired, your weak and your poor. No matter what kind of face our government tries to put on the cumulative faces of Canadians the one thing that is  most disagreed upon in Canadian circles is rights. Minority rights -  religious rights, Gay rights, Native rights, Muslim Rights, Catholic Rights and so on and so on! When asked most will profess to be tired of hearing about all the minority rights and all the problems that go with it. Why? The general consensus is the loss of Canadian heritage, tradition. The Canadian Way!

What though, is the Canadian way? Where did we start? When the first explorers first reached Canada the Canadians were natives of this land. It wasn't very much longer and the land had been taken and the new Canadians were the settlers from England and France. Other countries soon followed and Canada became quite a diverse population. Back then the new comers appreciated the chance to live in a safe country and start fresh. There were never protests to put pressure on the government to intervene into another country and "save" the people back home. Everyone wanted to live peacefully with their neighbors. A gentle way of life.
 When immigrants came in the past it was to get away from a life of strife and/or  government domination of the people. To make a better life for their children and become a Canadian. I see now many immigrants (not all) don't want to be Canadian. They just want a safe land to live in. The want to keep the ways from their past lives. Lives they left behind.Values that destroyed lives there and are now destroying lives here. Ways that go against our laws and our citizen rights. The violence they have known in the past is brought with them.
I must say, that there are issues that are building , quietly out in the population. I have watched as other countries have spoken to the world on their immigration policies. The general rule being assimilation. We would love to have you come into our country and be a citizen but we require assimilation. You must learn our language. You must tolerate our religions. You must become one with us to stand as a united front! One people, one country!

 In Canada, no such thing is said because we are tolerant. Or so it seems. But are we? I did not hear one good word when the streets were blocked by 1000's of Tamil protesters , protesting the way their country and country men were being treated in Sri Lanka.. Country? Canada? No. Sri Lanka. Country men? Canadians? No, Tamils! Tolerance? Hell no!

They blocked off our roads so we could not get home form work. They made sure it was during rush hour! Waving Canadians flags alongside red ones with the tiger insignia of the Tamil Tigers, the separatist group in Sri Lanka that is on Canada’s list of banned terrorist organizations.  Why, would they believe, that for even one moment we would want to hear about a cause involving terrorists?  Especially when they were in the process of royally pissing us off by blocking rush hour traffic. This did not happen once but three times last summer. I understand that they are worried for their families but this is not and should not be our concern. These are members of a terrorist group. Do I hear tolerance from the citizens when the Jamaican gangs, the Korean gangs,Chinese gangs or any other gangs find themselves in the papers for more slaughter and crime? We are not tolerant of all!

We are tolerant to allow people from other countries to make a home in Canada, to practice their religion as long as it does not go against our laws and to keep  their traditions and beliefs. To be our neighbors and to have their children go to school with our children. Is it too much to ask for that same respect back from the people who have been given a safe place to live in a free land? I think we should adopt what other countries take for granted.

New citizens of Canada, become one with us to stand as a united front!
One people, one country! Canada!

Sunday, 19 July 2009


Have you ever wondered why? Why are leaves green? Why do cats purr? Why aren't we happy?

Why is the most singularly asked question that our world has revolved around. When you have a question where do you go to find the answer? I use the internet most of the time, books second and asking lastly. I go onto the net to find out everything from medical advice to how to clean something. It is not a wonder is it nicknamed "The Information Highway".I have marveled at the information found on the net. One day I just started typing in weird words to see what would come up from search and as usual learned a lot of new things. The net these days is akin to a school. A school is where you learn and now most of my information, what I learn by, is from the net. I love to read and cuddle up with a good book but when I want info in a hurry it seems to be the net I go to. It is expeditious. It is certainly interesting and it is like having every book on the subject at your finger tips!

When you have questions, where do you go for the answers?

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Ahhh ... chooo!

I just sneezed three times! Normally I would only sneeze two times. (Yes I do keep track.) No one is here so I say "bless you" to myself. Which made me think. Where did this come from? The blessing after a sneeze. Does everybody do it? So I decided to look this up and I have to say most of us need to get a life! There are pages and pages out there on sneezing habits. Different countries have different sayings but some sayings pop up in a lot of countries. The most commonly used statement in many countries is "bless you" followed by a close second is "gesundheit".

Firstly, the "Bless you" or "God Bless You" saying that I hear in Canada, is also said in the UK, Australia and U.S.A. All of these seem to be based on the ancient belief that when you sneeze your soul may escape and saying bless you keeps you soul in or that your heart stops when you sneeze so again to keep your soul in place they say bless you. But I also read that some believe that a devil dwells in us all .When this devil is irritated sneezing happens, so saying "Bless you" prevents it from worsening. Also, in the days of the great plagues, it was well know that the plague started with a cold, so saying bless you was hoping it was nothing worse and god bless you if it is!
Many countries say something to the effect of "Health" or "Good Health". Holland says "gezonhied", health. The sneezer replies bedankt, thank you. In Argentina it is "Salud", health. Yugoslavians respond to a sneeze with "Na zdravlje!" which means "for your health".
Germany - "Geshundheit", health
Lithuania - "Sveikata", to your health
Poland - "Na zddrowie", health.
Other countries, such as Iran, "Afiyat bashe"say I wish you good health or"Elahi shokr" thank God for health.
In France they say "Tes souhaits", to your dreams (to come true) or "Tes amours", to your loves!
I think I will adopt this one! It sounds cooler! "Achoo!" "Tes souhaits! May your dreams come true!".

Does any one know of any more sayings and most importantly:How many times in a row do you sneeze?
I would love to hear from you, leave a comment and let me know.

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Yukon Jack - heads up!

Yukon Jack - I was looking up information on whiskey, particularly Yukon Jack when I found this Yukon Jack. Apparently a comic book hero from marvel comics.
He is a very skilled hand to hand fighter, usually fighting with a very strong and durable bone knife. He is apparently immune to temperature changes despite wearing little more than a loincloth. Hmm.. I think I prefer the Whiskey!

Monday, 1 June 2009

Stand Alone

This picture was taken by the locks in Lindsay. I had been sitting in a pub having dinner and watching two Herons flying in between these buildings to the nest they had built behind this bridge. After dinner we walked into this park that gave us a view off the locks and the river and guess who was sitting on the bridge just waiting for me to take his picture!